This is my little place on the internet where I am supposed to brag about myself and pretend to tell you everything you want to hear. But, we both know that’s not why you clicked on this page. You want to know me, the real me.

I am just a regular ol person who just so happens to feel butterflies in my stomach every time I pick up my camera. During editing, I often take breaks because my face hurts from smiling. I mean seriously stop and picture that for a second. Me sitting behind a computer smiling from ear to ear, it’s weird, I know. Photography makes me happy, and there really isn’t too much else to say. 

I grew up a military brat, so you could say I am quick to adapt to new situations, and that matters to you because it means we will get along great! I love meeting new people and when we do meet I will feel like an old friend. At least that’s what people tell me, anyway. 

I’m not all photography 24/7 I also eat tacos regularly. I mean tacos are delish, and if you’re not eating a taco at least once a week, you should be. Trust me on this. Fishing is my fave, and water seems to call my name regularly. Kind of like Moana but with a lot less demigod and a lot more waterfalls and trickling streams. If you didn’t gather from the Moana reference, I have my own small heard of kiddos. So I can relate to pretty much any situation that occurs during a family session. Even if your child decides to shin kick you mid picture, I get. I’ll also have a picture of it, I won’t be judging, but I might be laughing. Don’t sweat it; kids are kids! Plus we will be too busy having fun to let something like a shin kick ruin it! 

My whole heart really is in this business, and I hope that when we meet you will be able to see and feel that. I like to consider myself highly qualified to take on the tasks of your portraits. My work has been featured internationally in magazines, newspapers, and blogs. I am proud of that; I worked my tail off to get those publications. I’ll also work my tale off for you whether we are shooting the cover of a magazine or shooting high school senior announcements I put just as much effort into each shoot. But enough about that how about we grab a coffee, get to know each other, and plan your session? 




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